Wednesday, August 12, 2015

 Heyy geng . this is my new friend , Awin . isn't she cute right ? actually awin ni kawan nana di FACEBOOK . kalau korang nak tau si awin memang super duper friendly . i have to admit that i don't know to make friends and i'm not friendly and i'm sucks in making new friend but bila dah start chatting or walling with awin ni , nana rasa diri ni automatik jadi peramah lahh pulak . mwhehe . okay kalau korang nak tau umur awin ni baru je 13 tahun . kalau korang nak add awin just type AWIN TINKLE di facebook tu . kalau ada gambar budak perempuan bermata sepet and look like japanese tu korang click la button add as friend . 

I looked up to the fine sky at night.I see the white round moon.I see the stars.Nebulla,Beetlejuice and so many others i can't name.I see beauty.I see the sun rise and i see beauty.I see a bird is feeding its hatchlings  and i think that is beautiful.Beauty is everywhere and its different from everyone's point of view.To a mother,her child is the most beautiful thing on earth.That of course,only happens an infancy.To a man,his wife is the most beautiful person,until she starts gaining weight and having wrinkles.It is a harsh fact but beauty does not last forever.It can only be immortalised by a picture,a drawing,a staue perhaps,or even a poem like what dear William Shakespere tried to do in Sonnet 18.
      As a man in a making,i cannot deny that when i hear,read or think of the word 'beauty'.I think of women with testosterone raging in my blood,i cannot escape from desire and last.To me,a women is always beautiful no matter how old she is.I wonder why some women prefer to lie about their age.Are they ashamed that they might look older than they are,or is age simply an indicator of fertility?There has always been something about women that simply boggles my mind.It is their tender voice,the soft smooth skin and the abundance of oestrogen in them that make them so beautiful.Not to forget,their caring nature,their soft facial features and the amount of love they could give to a man beauty is of course,on the inside and out.A man would be judge as shallow if he were to only judge a woman's beauty on the outside.
     An interesting fact about women,is they never stop being beautiful,even when pregnant.A pregnant women is beautiful.She is about to become a mother after all.During pregnancy a women has a boost of oestrogen and progesterone.Forget the scientific facts and look at how she develops.All i can say is when a women is pregnant,she is at the peak of her womanhood.The beauty does not stop there.It continues during motherhood.Observe how caring and loving a mother is to her child.Observe how soft she speaks,how gentle she touches her baby and how protective she is when it comes to her helpless little child.I think of this,as beauty.
       Let us move to another chapter of beauty.Beauty is nature.A corporate man may never find a hippopotamus beautiful.However,a nature biologist might give its six on the scale of one to ten.In the world of nature,even the ugliest of toads couls be considered a magnificent beauty.The Alps in Switzerland provided an astonishing landscape,the Grand Canyon is dead gorgeous and we have no even got to Niagara falls.Nature is effortlessly beautiful just by working harmoniously.The facts that everything happens for a reason makes it a beauty.Nature is after all,a masterpiece of God.And God sent us down here so we could take care of it.We are here to protect and preserve our nature.
      I also find cars to be very beautiful.This is not an unusual thing among man cars symbolise desire,speed,power and beauty.A car may not be reliable,but beautiful,like our dear Alfa Romeos.Men look at cars in many different ways.Some see it as an object of wealth and desire.I see it as a beauty made by hands of man.Designers burn the midnight oil to came up with the most appealing designs.A little but curver here and there,an air cutting streamline body,and the swoops and line that give a car a go-getter image.In all their efforts,they build an astonishing beauty.I especially admire the works of Chris Bangle and Luc Donkerwolke.
     Nothing last forever,and so does beauty.We are all mere mortals,indeed.We should all return to our creator one day.The same thing goes for the things that we create.Houses,cars and skyscappers will all vanish in the blink on an eye when the time comes.Therefore,we should appreciate beauty while it still exists.Show love for what you have and use it for the best of causes.Do not get fooled by the traps of beauty.Last and desire aspecially.It is important that we know nothing last forever so we do not become too dependent on it.